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Image by Goethe-Institut Irland/ Simon Lazewski

Quantum Foam is an conceptual art and experimental sound project to explore noise and information transmission from de-anthropocentric perspectives, through machine interpretations of sonic and material memories incorporating found sounds, field recordings and electromagnetic interference. ︎
QNTMFM makes EDM-friendly spotify releases based on Quantum Foam samples. ︎ ︎


27 June 2024     Goethe-Institut Irland, Dublin (w Muiredach O’Riain)
2 Feb 2024       CTM Festival, Radialsystem, Berlin
                 (w Muiredach O’Riain)
1 Dec 2023       Unit 44 Dublin, IE (w Diarmuid Farrell A/V)
4 June 2023      Northern Lights, Echo Echo Dance Derry, NI
3 June 2023      Northern Lights, Accidental Theatre Belfast, NI
2 June 2023      Northern Lights, Unit 44 Dublin,IE
12 May 2023      Fylkingen Stockholm, SE
22 April 2023    Kulturnatten Fylkingen, SE
27 August 2022   Muine Bheag Arts, IE
25 August 2022   DDR x IMMA Dublin, IE
22 July 2022     Fylkingen Stockholm, SE
1 August 2022    Nordic Lights, Monument Festival, NO
19 Dec 2021      Amazonia Mapping Festival, Belem, BR
28 Oct 2021      FACT Liverpool, UK
27 Oct 2021      Static Complex Liverpool, UK
25 Sep 2021      Galleri Konstfack, Stockholm SE (w Beatrice Alvestad Lopez)
4 Aug 2021       RHA Dublin, IE
6 May 2021       MUTEK ES+AR
1 Mar 2020       Cultúlann Uí Chanáin, Derry NI

Radio Broadcast:

12 Jan 2024     Digital Terrain, RTÉ Pulse
4 Oct 2023      Technopoiesis, Domes FM
23 Sept 2023    Technopoiesis, HKCR Hong Kong Community Radio
4 Sept 2023     Technopoiesis, CAMP Radio
28 April 2022   Meg Woof presents Adventures In Sound And MusicResonance FM


"Everything but Signal" uses solely found sounds of the internet and signals of communication within our digital infrastructure. It reflects on the forms of media that we consume and inhabit, i.e. from traditional mass media to social media. The composition aims to transform and arrange the intense sounds of social media notifications to arrive at a new perception of these materials. “The term marks a perceptive reality of sound as such, as distinguished from the modes of its production and transmission," Schaeffer said about acousmatics. "The new phenomenon of telecommunications and the massive diffusion of messages exists only in relation to and as a function of a fact that has been rooted in human experience from the beginning: natural, sonorous communication.”

Image by Olivia Eriksson