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Image by Stephen Stewart

Edy Fung is a post-disciplinary artist and musician whose current focus is on philosophy of information, history of science, (post)cybernetics and alternative technologies, including non-binary computing and quantum computing.

With interest beyond the anthropocentric perspectives, she works with sound, text, documentation, archive, installation, sculpture, public intervention and transmission art. Together with her sonic project Quantum Foam//QNTMFM, her practice seeks to explore and address current technological paradigms and the resulting epistemic limitations.   

Fung’s work has been presented at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, CTM Festival Berlin, MUTEK Montreal/ES+AR, Galway International Art Festival, Nobel Week Lights Stockholm, FACT Liverpool, STATIC Complex, Royal Hibernian Academy, CCA Derry~Londonderry, Somerset House Studios and Irish Arts Centre, New York. 

Other academic and pedagogical roles include visiting researcher at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (2019-2020), mentor at CCA x Jerwood = Supports (2023-2024), guest speaker at Transmedia Research Institute (2024). She holds a master in architecture from the Royal College of Art, London (2013-2015).