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Siliconic Superhighway


Video Essay

"Siliconic Superhighway" ventures into the speculative fiction of silicon-based lifeforms. The work presents a visual and sonic journey that reflects on our current ecological predicament and the potential futures it unveils.

Silicon, the cornerstone of our digital existence, shapes the very fabric of our lives, from the cloud computing that envelops our daily interactions to the intricate web of networks that bind our global community. This work reimagines diatoms through the prism of organosilicon configurations and animates these microscopic entities as vibrant, living forms. It then draws an analogy between the human condition and diatoms that extend our physical form beyond the carbon-based life, suggesting an impending evolution towards silicon-based existence. Our bodies, rendered as data, and our minds, as granular entities, embody the transition towards a new form of life, mediated by the very element that underpins our technological advancements.

Production: Edy Fung 

Year: 2023

Duration: 17 minutes and 33 seconds

Visual: Diarmuid Farrell

Sound: Quantum Foam

Text by Jean Baudrillard, Walter Benjamin, C.S. Lewis, Trevor Paglen, Nam June Paik, Hito Steyerl, and Richard Webb

Genre: Video Essay, Experimental, Conceptual

Language/Subtitle: English

All visuals by Diarmuid Farrell


Film stills

Filmform Sweden

Abridged Online
Unit 44 Dublin
Live Art Ireland - Alive and Kicking 2023