Semiotics of Weather


Research, Time-based Media and Workshops

In collaboration with Claudine Hubert(CA), Flor de Fuego(AR/DE) and Naoto Hieda(DE/JP)

What do we know about Predicting the Future? Is it chance? Is it deterministic?

Research on the semiotics of weather has lead to a collaborated project Meteoromancer, a shortened form of  Meteorological Cartomancer, to create performative audiovisual online platform intersecting art, technology and weather science. It plays with the concept of alchemy by coding with weather-the ever changing atmospheric state. Archival texts and images from the MET Office and Science Museum Collection, and historic literature on meteorology were categorised and blended with open source video synthesiser (Hydra - live coding project developed by Olivia Jack). We use the storytelling method to engage the audience about the history of meteorology by categorising the knowledge into tarot deck/shuffling of cards. Echoing with the random but deterministic character of the weather, we are using 'chance' as an aesthetic language for our creative process, therefore cartomancy, an ancient form of oracle that employs chance.

MUTEK Forum, MUTEK Montréal, August 2021
Bidston Observatory in England, November 2021
SPAM ARTS x University of La Plata, December 2021