Rhythm of Chance 


Sound performance with multichannel visuals and projection,
22 minutes

Photo Courtesy of Emma Smith.

Will it be sunny? Will it be windy? What are the chances?

Rhythm of Chance is Derry-based artist Edy Fung (alias Quantum Foam)’s continued discovery of the history of weather in Ireland following her research mapping of Liverpool’s Royal Charter shipwreck in the Irish Sea to the advancement of weather forecasting - the critical turn when atmospheric phenomena perceived as uncertain acts of god became deterministic occurrences. At Static Trading Co., a series of weather proverbs in Irish folklores of how to tell the weather is unveiled. These texts, suggesting an ambiguous sense of causality (or not), are visually presented in TVs in sets of random functions in collaboration with artist Flor de Fuego. The sound performance is accompanied with live projection of audio-reactive wind particles, meaning it is unrepeatable when iterated. Edy will explore via this sound performance, which imagines a sequence of narratives around the wind, to deconstruct the audio into shuffle-able components open for a stochastic takeover. 

Weather undetermined, nevertheless (permitted).

Visuals by Flor de Fuego.