Parallel Rainverse


Sonic sculpture: hand-crank Jacquard mechanisms, ink on paper

With the sun dominating the way human civilisation has divided time, I am interested in looking at cycles driven by rain patterns, and the idea of forming ‘rain years’, placing my sense of self, and memory over different multiverses of the rain.

This installation comprises several music boxes, fed in DIY Jacquard card style paper tapes. The holes being punched on the Jacquard cards are the recorded rain data, which are then turned into music

Courtesy of Duncan Ball Information Specialist at MET Office and S L Lau Climatological Services Section Hong Kong Observatory for the historical rainfall data

Carpentry by Michael Edgar

Photo by Simon Mills

Part of God is Meditating: Still, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, 15th January - 19th February 2022
Photo by Simon Mills