Of Other Spaces


sound installation

When Foucault constructed his case for the concept of heterotopias, Galileo’s support of the Copernican model instead of the earth-centred system was used to signal humanity’s transition from localisation to infinite extension (“a thing’s place was no longer anything but a point in its movement”). As a continuation of the previous work <parallel rainverse> where I reflected on the idea of simultaneous realities, I explore the role of the displaced spacetime that occasionally extends from stable points of movement, and the potentiality of those displaced moments to shift fragments of identity to its core.

Through the long, winding, meshed copper wires, sonic information is transmitted in the flow of electrons and emitted by the speakers. Output are recordings from places which unfortunately still remain as heterotopias in relation to the artist's life; woven and intersected together they mirror the reality but cannot become part of reality. The ogham text on the black acoustic masses are ‘heterotopia’, ‘taistel’ (travel), ‘go deo na ndeor’ (until the end of time).

Photo by Julia Gillard