Live installation with Python Script, Raspberry Pi

Ephemeris is a speculative installation that consists of a workstation for tracking the live location of the International Space Station over a fictional map. The map, where discredited existence of continents, ‘Lemuria’, ‘Atlantis’ and ‘Lumania’ appear, is referenced from Gordon Michael Scallion’s vision of the future world. This world is brought to life with the real-time lSS logo moving across, with the coordinates and the present astronauts’ names logged on screen.

Ephemeris aims to tackle our anxieties concerning climate change and global events. It engages subjects in mythologies, alternative histories and new normal, and raises problems with practices of accelerationism and hyperstition shutting down the future. It is a piece of work created after understanding how fast the world can change in 2020 caused by human’s attitude with the environment.

Photo by Paola Bernardelli