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~~ Under Construction ~~ trace my thoughts here


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Dear Quantum,


Electroacoustic performance, composition/improvisation, spoken word, soundscape and sonification of Quantum system, radio transmission, generative randomness 

<Dear Quantum> is a a piece that explores via the sounds of real-time quantum fluctuations, the interconnected notions of indeterminacy, superposition and true randomness in the realms of quantum theory, philosophy of information and future of technology.

Using live radio transmission, electromagnetic waves are synthesised with (electro)acoustic waves along with the event of quantum wave functions.

The work also seizes the chance of sonifying the virtual particles that continuously come into and disappear from existence, to reflect on probability interpretations in sound compositions, information processing and epistemic justification.

First public presentation:
CTM Festival Radialsystem Berlin / 2nd February 2024 
in collaboration with musician and composer Muiredach O’Riain.