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Would you not recall how your heart once beat for an ordinary Saturday calmness Performance at “pleasure ‘scapes” Barbara Knežević’s exhibition at RHA Gallery Dublin

Upcoming Live Performance


06.05   MUTEK ES+AR       Online
04.08   The RHA           Dublin, IE
25.09   Tellusgången 16   Stockholm, SE
27.10   STATIC            Liverpool, UK
28.10   FACT              Liverpool, UK
19.12   Fylkingen         Stockholm, SE
19.12   Amazonia Mapping  Belem, Brazil + Online

TBC    Northern Lights Project NI, IE

Discography Quantum Foam

An ongoing found sound, electroacoustic performance and noise-making project


A Storm is Blowing From Paradise
*EP to be released 2022*

Colour of Noise EP

Through the act of searching harmonics amongst noises, Quantum Foam plays with metaphors of pattern recognition and signal processing in our sonic environment.

Colour of Noise incorporates sampling from natural and artificial found sounds, drifting between the frequency spectrum of ranging power spectral densities, i.e. white, pink, brown, grey, purple, and blue noises, mixing with the live tuning in of FM radio channels. To signify the arrival of the era of de-anthropocentric machine music in today’s world, extracts of the Futurist Manifesto of Luigi Russolo from 1913 “The Art of Noise” are revisited and articulated as a speech, as well as encoded in Morse signals.

releases June 5, 2021

Produced by Quantum Foam
Mastered by Fernando Pulichino

Album artwork courtesy of Michelle McKeown


Verdure engraved 2020(1) issue released October 2020. Delighted to be part of this project curated by Jez Riley French along with some great visual and sound artists based in London, Glasgow, Berlin, Tokyo and Lisbon.

Would You Not Recall How Your Heart Once Beat for an Ordinary Saturday Calmness 

HD audio, 9’59”

A sound piece created entirely from one source, which is the recording of my own heartbeat when I was 30. Subtractive synthesis is applied to take the source signal to generate the whole piece. Vibrations of heart movement drive through resonant filters and get pitched along improvisation at a meditative state.